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Gas Cooker 3B Electric Oven (ZCG932W)
Features: – Powerful Jet – Powerful strong airflow blowing vigorously downwards – 14m Long Airflow with Coanda Technology – J – Tech Inverter controlled power consumption into energy saving and energy-efficient operation – Eco mode reduces electricity costs and prevents over-cooling by adjusting power consumption in two steps

6Bulan-RM 569/bulanan
18Bulan-RM 213/bulanan
24Bulan –RM 169/bulanan
30Bulan –RM142/bulanan
36Bulan –RM 124/bulanan

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Breville Coffee Machine

Breville BES870 Coffee Machine

12 Bulan =RM 423/bulanan
24 Bulan =RM 236/bulanan
30 Bulan =RM 199/bulanan
36 Bulan =RM 174/bulanan
48 Bulan =RM 143/bulanan

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Breville Coffee Machine BES-878SHY

12 Bulan =RM 515/bulanan
24 Bulan =RM 288/bulanan
30 Bulan =RM 242/bulanan
36 Bulan =RM 212/bulanan
48 Bulan =RM 174/bulanan

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Breville the Bambino Espresso Coffee Machine BES450

12 Bulan =RM 254/bulanan
24 Bulan =RM 144/bulanan
30 Bulan =RM 122/bulanan
36 Bulan =RM 107/bulanan
48 Bulan =RM 89/bulanan

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